5 Internal Elements to Find Winning Email Content

June 28th, 2012 by Anthony Schneider

Good Email Content Resonates and Gets Results

Content is king. But content is also tricky. Provide users the right content and you create a connection with your audience and win new subscribers. But feed your subscribers with bad, old or boring content and you risk losing them, tarnishing your brand and hurting the bottom line.

Here’s the situation, according to marketers around the U.S.:

• Well over 50% of marketers cite “targeting recipients with relevant content” as their most significant challenge. (MarketingSherpa)
• Asked “What are the biggest challenges you expect to face in the next two years?” fully 50% of marketers responded that leveraging dynamic content was a concern, while 35% worry about creating and managing email content. (MarketingProfs)

MarketingSherpa challenges facing email marketers

The MarketingSherpa study concludes: “Whether you are marketing to consumers, businesses or both, the more targeted your email campaigns, the more content is required.”

Writing for MarketingProfs Aaron Kahlow reminds us, “We must go back to human behavior — and understand what it takes today to get the message out, loudly and clearly, forever embedded in the memory of our customers/clients.”

We need to understand our audience’s needs and preferences, what they like and don’t like. Armed with that information, we can build email communications that resonate, reverberate and convert. [By resonate, I mean engage and interest your target audience. Reverberate in the sense of spread by social sharing, forwards, word of mouth. And conversions are sales, phone calls, measurable actions that boost sales or sales opportunities.]

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How to Spot What Works?

So, how do you find, write and tailor winning email content? And how do you know if it works?

Perhaps the first, easiest, best step is to figure out what content engages your user. Fortunately, you have metrics, stats and real live people to help you figure out the answer to that important question. Today, let’s look at internal elements, meaning you don’t need to look outside your own emails, social media and team.

1. Email Stats
What articles or email newsletter elements get the most clicks? What emails are forwarded, opened the most?
2. Blog and Social Channels
What are you blogging about or posting to social channels that’s getting retweeted, commented, etc.?

3. Tracking
Take a look at your website and social media stats. What are users looking at the most? Not tracking your own website or looking at retweets? You should be.

4. Support and Sales
Your support staff or sales team knows what people like and don’t like, what’s popular and what’s a snooze. Ask them.

5. Client Feedback
When a customer or client says they liked the newsletter about ABC or enjoyed the article about DEF, write it down and figure out what you can do in the same vein next time around.

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Use the force Luke. As Obi-Wan says: “You must learn the ways of the Force, if you’re to come with me to Alderaan.”

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