7 B2B Holiday Email Marketing Ideas

October 24th, 2012 by Adam Q. Holden-Bache

B2B Holiday Email MarketingIt’s that time of year when marketers need to prepare their marketing campaigns for the winter holidays and the start of the new year.

While B-to-C companies have numerous and obvious reasons to message their customers during the holiday season, B-to-B companies should also take advantage of the holidays to reach out to business partners, vendors, and clients. A well-timed professional message or a simple yet compelling business-themed email can stand out in the inbox when recipients are bombarded with retail email marketing offers.

As throughout the year, the content of your holiday campaign must first be compelling and relevant. However, the sense of fun and giving inherent to the holidays offers an opportunity to stretch the boundaries of your traditional message. Consider these strong themes for your holiday campaign:

1. Give Thanks
Your B-to-B business partners are the cornerstone of your business. Tell them honestly and kindly how much your partnership means to you. An elegant e-card, personalized with subscriber info, reminds your contacts that business relationships depend on real people.

Holiday e-cards can include animation, links to videos or holiday games, or simply an expression of your thanks in a well-crafted message.

2. Share Your Success
Share some of your company’s big accomplishments over the past year, especially if your partners can benefit from those new features, products, or services. It’s a perfect time for an end-of-year recap of the progress you’ve made, and how those you do business with can benefit from that success.

3. Make A Connection
If internal communication is an area of concern within your organization, use the holidays as a way to break the ice. Use an e-card platform or sharable email campaign to reintroduce people to each other and allow them to create, forward, or share a simple holiday greeting.

We’ve seen this be successful for all types of B-to-B connections, from agents to brokers, sales departments to sales reps, franchises to franchisees, and even internally within large businesses. Facilitating a simple “Happy Holidays” message can be an easy way to open up an existing or new personal connection.

4. Have Some Fun
Many companies create entertaining holiday content, including animations, online games, and holiday-themed videos. Use email to invite your connections to participate in that fun. Share your content, provide links to your animations or games, or better yet, invite them to generate content to contribute to your holiday messaging. Creating short videos or making a personal holiday e-card are easy ways to create excitement and engage your professional contacts.

5. Share In The Big Picture
If your company plans to volunteer or make a charitable donation, why not ask your business contacts to join with you? The act of bonding together to make a bigger impact is even more powerful at this time of year, especially for smaller companies or sole-proprietorships that may not have many opportunities to feel like a part of a team.

6. Give A Gift
If your resellers, agents, brokers, sales representatives or other B-to-B contacts drive your bottom line, allow them to share in the success of your past year. Whether it’s as simple as allowing them to choose the charity in which your business will make a contribution, or as big as an actual bonus, gifting via email always makes a big impact.

7. Look Ahead To Next Year
Do you have useful insight on your industry or your company’s future? Will you be introducing new products or services? Offer your subscribers a sneak peek at what to expect from you in the upcoming year. For a playful reveal, consider sharing your big news in the form of a virtual gift: something that users can digitally “open.”

Whatever your holiday plans, make sure you consider everyone who has a hand in the success of your business. Use the holidays as a time to reestablish those connections and say “thank you” for everything they do for your brand.