79% of Mobile Users Engage in Shopping-Related Activities [Study]

May 22nd, 2012 by Anthony Schneider

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According to a survey conducted by Nielsen in Q1 2012, the vast majority (79%) of US smartphone and tablet owners have used their mobile devices for shopping-related activities.  Smartphones are used more often than tablets for activities on-the-go: “Locating a store” (73% vs. 42% for tablets ), “using a shopping list while shopping” (42% vs. 16% for tablets) or “redeeming a mobile coupon” (36% vs. 11% for tablet owners).  While not all mobile users actually make a purchase online, the study found that tablet owners are more likely to use their device for online shopping: 42 percent of tablet owners have “used their device to purchase an item,” compared to just 29 percent of smartphone owners.

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Most smartphone owners browse online but buy in a physical store. According to a recent Wave Collapse study reported by MarketingCharts, 74% marke a purchase in a physical, rather than simply browse (26%). The opposite is true for online channels, such as online websites (71% vs. 29%), mobile websites (76% vs. 24%), and mobile applications (71% vs. 29%), where a clear majority said they mostly browse rather than mostly purchase.

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