Emerging Mobile and Social Business Trends: 4 Takeaways from SXSW

March 13th, 2012 by Adam Q. Holden-Bache

SXSW LogoMobile and social are still hot topics at SXSW- likely because they are rapidly changing the way we do business. Many organizations are implementing mobile and social tactics, tools and processes, and those changes are having an impact on corporate culture and the bottom line.

Here’s four emerging mobile and social trends:

Trend #1: Social Technology Is Shaping Corporate Culture

Social media is now a part of corporate culture, and corporate culture is aligning with social strategy. Executives have accepted social media and are weaving it into their operations.

The benefits of social media are clear- it is being used to conduct business and is responsible for business growth. Executives report that it’s helping generating exposure, increase web traffic, increase email subscribers, generate qualified leads, positively influence search rankings and helps close business.

Trend #2: Social Media Is Solving Business Problems

Social media is being used by businesses to solve problems both internally and externally. Empowering employees to speak on behalf of the brand can lead to effective problem solving- no one knows a brand better than its employees. Businesses that enable employees with social tools and communication options will find that it leads to engaging customers and solving their issues.

TD Bank is weaving social into all aspects of their business. When they decided to open their bank on Sundays, they used social media to listen and act.  It was a vital part of their decision-making process.

Trend #3: Being Mobile Offers A Business Advantage

Many business are looking at mobile as a marketing vehicle, and rightfully so, but mobile also has internal advantages to businesses.  Employees are simply more productive when their work can be done via their mobile devices. And businesses are taking notice- mobile is now the #2 priority for CIO’s.

Smartphone Tablet LaptopOne year ago Colgate introduced a “bring your own device” policy. They save over $1 million each year by allowing employees to use their own devices. They also have to make all their business and social technology mobile friendly, and designing with that in mind is now required. But once those standards are part of the business model, it quickly becomes engrained in corporate culture.

Mobility is the wave of the future. Embrace and plan for mobile integration.

Trend #4: Businesses Must Allow Employees To Be Their Voice

Standout organizations are 57% more likely to allow their employees to use social and collaborative tools.

IBM developerWorks is a free community and social network for 8 million developers and IT professionals worldwide. It includes content and discussions on open standards, open source, and IBM technical resources. It includes 30,000 articles, forums that attract 1 million visitors a month, 400,000 active profiles, 800 bloggers, and 450 wikis. IBM saves $100 million annually from people who use this resource instead of contacting IBM support.


Businesses that integrate mobile and social into their business culture improve innovation, workforce optimization, customer support, and marketing. How are you taking advantage of mobile and social for your business?