Mobile Email From Name and Subject Line Displays [INFOGRAPHIC]

July 30th, 2013 by Adam Q. Holden-Bache

Default character lengths of email From Name and Subject Line displays in popular smartphone and tablet devices

With the rise in popularity of mobile devices, email marketers must adapt their message to communicate effectively with recipients using smartphones and tablets.

In the mobile inbox, the first thing a recipient sees is your From Name and Subject Line. So those two items may be the difference between your email being read or deleted.

Because of the smaller screen, there are limits as to what can display on those devices. So being aware of character limitations may help you create a more effective From Name and Subject Line, and that may lead to more opens, clicks and conversions.

When planning your From Name and Subject Line length, learn which platforms your audience is using to open your emails, and trim or lengthen your subject line accordingly.

Our infographic, Mobile From Name and Subject Line Displays, displays character lengths for many popular smartphone and tablet devices. Use this information to help craft and test content for your email campaigns.

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  • Maximum characters displayed does not equal maximum characters allowed.
  • All testing was performed with the default email clients. Using apps such as Gmail, Mailbox and others will generate different results.
  • Testing was completed using “Lorem Ipsum” text. Different copy may yield slightly different results.

Thanks to Anna Yeaman at for contributing research.

Click on image for full-size version.

Mobile Email From Name and Subject Line Character Lengths Infographic by Mass Transmit

  • Dennis, ListsUK

    Really helpful numbers, thank you – now favourited for ease of reference :)

    We’d add that our research highlights that these numbers aren’t cast in stone… for example, on Android (definitely on an S3, expect on others, too), the user can choose to have either the sender name or the subject line as the ‘Email Title’, which then shows in a larger font and therefore displays less characters than the other line.

    Also, whatever setting you have on Android, the numbers still don’t seem fixed, with a quick tally here showing a range (in portrait) of 17-20 for ‘From’ line & as much as 23-31 for the subject (all abridged).

    And as a final complication, font-size is a user-setting, ranging from ‘tiny’ to ‘huge’, which changes everything yet again!

    So if the amount of characters displayed on mobile is really critical for your campaign, we’d advise working to the lower numbers, as otherwise something’s going to be missed off for at least a portion of your recipients…

  • Mass Transmit


    Yes- all great points. These numbers definitely aren’t cast in stone and will vary based on the chosen copy and user settings. We ran our tests using default settings and used the standard “Lorem Ipsum” as the default text for both the From Name and Subject Line. We did find using other copy did influence the character length, but usually only by one or two characters.

    Your analysis is spot on too- shorter subject lines/from names tend to work best, or at least front-loading them so the critical information is always visible in the inbox.

    Glad you found the information helpful.

  • ybmgryzzz

    Really helpful indeed! Thanks for this research and infographic posting. Clearly shows how variable and dynamic mobile device email can be …

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  • Tamela Rich

    Since I do all my own newsletters and am not a professional marketer, my takeaway is to work with the lowest common denominator. Thanks for sharing this research!

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