The Future of the Online Marketing Campaign

December 7th, 2010 by Adam Q. Holden-Bache

Adam Q. Holden-Bache | Social Cruise presentationAt the 2nd Annual Social Fresh Cruise, I had the honor of running a session titled The Future of the Online Marketing Campaign. Because the event is attended by marketers who are well respected for their level of expertise in marketing and social media, the session resulted in an amazingly stimulating conversation.

The discussion centered around what is currently happening in online marketing and where we think marketing is headed both near and long-term. The group started by defining a campaign and ended by sharing thoughts on what’s in store for the future.

The general flow of the session is covered in the presentation below. Even though I ended up not using the slides because a Q&A-style approach worked better for a small group setting, the presentation does show our discussion topics along with some additional statistics and charts.

Here’s some great comments from members of the session and the key takeaway of where we feel that channel is heading. Quotes are attributed to those identifiable in the audio recording.  (Note: If any attendees want to claim their quote just let me know!)

On Social Media:
• “Social has to be part of your whole business- not just marketing.” – Rich Tucker (@RichTucker)
• “Every campaign already has a social media component- its just a matter of who’s driving the conversation.” – Ted Murphy (@tedmurphy)

The future of social media:

Social media will continue to evolve and will eventually become part of businesses’ overall marketing plans. Those that make that happen sooner will have a competitive advantage over those that do not.

On Email Marketing:
• “A lot of companies aren’t researching what their customers want. Customers will respond to your message if you provide quality content.” – Jordan Cooper (@notaproblog)
• “Listen to your customers.  They’ll tell you what they want.” – Tiffany Starnes (@tiffanystarnes)
• “Each person has a different channel that they’re comfortable with. Preferences for communication will be key.”

The future of email marketing:

The audience overwhelmingly believes email will become more relevant to marketers in the future even as social media evolves.

On Mobile Marketing/Location Based Services:
• “Fatigue and lack of marketing value is creating the drop in the use of location based services.” – Lucretia Pruitt (@lucretiapruitt)
• “Use mobile marketing to reward me for visiting your establishment.” – Adele Tiblier (@adeletiblier)
• “In order for mobile to succeed, fake check-ins and other user-abuse .” – Diane Hatfield (@dhatfield)

The future of mobile marketing and LBS:

The audience agrees that using location based services will evolve considerably and provide more value to the end user. For marketers, LBS data will become extremely useful to find and target new audience.

On Content Marketing:
• “We’re going to redefine what content is and what publishing is. You’ll see content coming from many sources, and not all of it will be written or business-created content.”
• “Content marketing includes all kinds of content – it’s not just limited to push marketing. Responses by customer service and conversations in Twitter are all content generators.” – Lucretia Pruitt (@lucretiapruitt)
• “If this isn’t what you love doing, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.”

The future of content marketing:

Content marketing has huge potential for marketers. Content will come from many different sources as businesses do more with social media. Businesses will be responsible for the content, but agencies and consultants will remain important by providing content marketing strategy, technical expertise and analytics analysis.

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