American Airlines

AAdvantage Partner Finder Web Site

The Challenge: American Airlines wanted a web destination where their AAdvantage members could locate AAdvantage partners (restaurants, hotels, etc) in their area.

The Solution: Mass Transmit developed a unique experience for AAdvantage members- a "mash-up" site that works with Google Maps. AAdvantage members search for partners within several major markets and find partners by location or type. Members can rank the partners and leave comments, as well as link to the site from social networks and send information to friends.

The site was developed with both web and mobile versions thereby allowing visitors on smartphones to receive a display suited for their devices.

The Results: The AAdvantage Mile Finder Map site has received great feedback from AAdvantage members and continues to be a valuable resource for members to find other locations where they can earn AAdvantage points. Additionally, the partner ratings and feedback have provided valuable information to American Airlines about which partnerships AAdvantage members find most valuable and which partners receive the highest ratings and positive comments.