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The Challenge: Rain-X required an updated web site that meets brand expectations and provides necessary information to visitors as well as the ability to purchase Rain-X products online. Among the site requirements were a Blade Selector Guide, where visitors can find the correct wiper blade for their vehicles, and the Retail Locator, a searchable database of Rain-X retailers in the United States. The site required the design to meet updated brand guidelines and added search engine optimization on brand keywords as a priority.

The Solution: Mass Transmit redesigned the web site to meet Rain-X guidelines and provided the technical expertise to develop the Blade Selector Guide and Retail Locator. We added the ability to purchase products directly from the Blade Selector Guide, providing a seamless product purchase experience. By keeping an appropriate balance of design and copy, search engines have picked up the page content, resulting in top rankings for natural search engine results.

The Results: The new web site exceeds client expectations. The well-designed site provides the required functionally and produces natural search rankings in the top 3 for over 95% of the products and brand keywords. The new site is selling Rain-X products at volumes well above client projections.

Visit Rain-X.com.